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  • His 8 yards per reception was not eye popping, but he’s tough over the middle and led the Steelers with a career high 9 TDs;
  • Getting people in matchups;

He is at his best when he’s playing closer to the line of scrimmage.

I lean on B.J.He’s advanced for his age, and he has some physical traits that we like.Even at the Senior Bowl.I think I was rushing my footwork a little bit, antsy to get the ball out, excited to get some completions.It’s also the first meeting between Mike McCarthy and Ron Rivera in each of their new roles despite having four previous meetings as head coaches .Four of those guys that they roll out there are, to me, Pro Bowl-level players.

He’s very instinctual.Because of the tight practice schedule, they rotate which two kickers take the three or four field goal tries late in each practice.Most people aren’t naive enough to simply bank on that ideal world taking shape these days, however.Reggie Davis had a bad during the two-minute drill where he would have likely scored on a pass from Cooper Rush.

Jones has outstanding size for the position .So, for the record, I’m calling for the rookie to catch more than 55 passes for more than 828 yards and more than three touchdowns.To this point, he has had nice success with this blocking technique.I still think – and I know everyone wants to hammer the fact custom jerseys we didn’t keep Jake that year – but even when you look at it statistically, Randy has still as well, if not better, than what Jake has over the course of the same four-year stretch.

We’re not done yet.It probably wasn’t built to be a 150-yard rushing day the way they came out and played us.And that was after the Lions drafted him in 1978 and cut him.Sure, they loved his athleticism and his experience and his versatility at all three inside spots.If he didn’t have anything, he took off running.

He came to the Jets from Jacksonville, TX and from the University of Texas as their eighth-round selection in the 1966 American Football League Draft.It make your own jersey online his DNA.You have to step back and understand from a 30-foot view that we were in a good position because of our defense last night.The hope would be that he responds well and that he will play in the games.

If anything he’s better, Whitworth said Friday after practice.

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